.climax brings xfoil, genetic optimization and cloud computing together to design foil sections.

.climax is a tool for exploring foil section design space and optimising them.

Major features

  • xfoil based
  • Ability to optimise flap’ed sections
  • Azure cloud based
  • Evolutionnary algorithm based ( NSGA II and NSGA III, PSO… )
  • multiobjectives
  • GUI Less, text based, efficient setup

Typical setup

  • A set of operating points and related constraints ( Reynolds, Cl, AOA range, Max Sigma)
  • A set of global constraints ( Leading edge radius, Trailing edge angle, global T/C Range, T/C range at positions along chord, max flap moment… )
  • Run conditions (ncrit)
  • Flap % Range

Typical Outputs

  • All sections geometries as .dat files
  • CSV containing
    • the performances of all produced sections at each operating point
    • all sections parameters